Best Dog Nail Clippers For Home Grooming

The trick to successful pet nail trimming is having excellent technique and using the best pet nail clippers, which are ideal for your pet’s claw size. If you are inexperienced in trimming your dog’s claws, some types of tools will be much easier to use, such as those with sensors (to avoid cutting too quickly).

There are two separate tools for trimming a puppy’s claws – power trimmers or power sanders.

Mechanical trimmers are guillotine and scissor cutters, with or without rapid sensor. They also come in different sizes, and some clippers are going to be better for small dogs while some will provide a fantastic fit for large dogs, as you can use more pressure to cut the big claws of a huge dog.

We have reviewed a number of dog nail trimmers of all of the aforementioned styles on Best Dog Tips and have reviewed them. Here we have evaluated different types of pet nail trimmers for home grooming.

Best Electric Dog Claw Clippers

Best Safe Ultra-Quiet Electric Nail Clippers

What type of dog nail clippers are ideal for your dog?

All kinds of puppy nail clippers come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Here’s what to remember.

Dog jaw sanders

It is a kind of tool or sander that uses batteries or a power supply. They include a rotating part at the top, covered with an abrasive material such as sandpaper (other materials are also available). It was popularized by Dremel, which remains the hottest brand of dog claw sanders.

Sanders will take longer to trim your dog’s claws as they slowly refine the claw, but they are ideal for owners who are concerned about the procedure – it’s much more difficult to cut too short with a claw sander. They are also preferred by some dogs. They are much more expensive and better suited for large dogs with thick claws.

Traditional nail clippers for dogs

In theory, these are very similar to those used by individuals, and it is the first choice among groomers and pet owners. The main reason is that they are a lot easier to use and make the process a lot faster than a claw sander (which most puppies love too).

Guillotine design pet nail trimmers are much better suited for small dogs as they are not strong enough to cut thick claws. They are popular but this mode is generally hated by pet owners. The pet nail trimmer (clip design) is said to be the most popular design, and is suitable for the majority of dogs (you can purchase unique sizes and different “strengths” to cut the claws of small, medium or small breeds. massive).

The most important thing about choosing a pet nail clippers (nail clippers vs scissors vs guillotine cutters) is that it depends on how experienced you are, what type and size your puppy is (ie. size and claw thickness), and how concerned the puppy is with the claw trimming procedure.

For affected puppies, scissors are best. For puppies with claws, a claw sander might be better. If you don’t mind, applying both is an alternative and might provide the best result. Here are some of the dog nail clippers for home grooming.

Top 10 Best Dog Nail Clippers For Home Grooming

MiniMite Two-Speed ​​Cordless Rotary Tool by Dremel

While we love regular nail clippers and they take little time to cut the claw, this wouldn’t always be the best pet claw trimming tool for all pet owners. The Dremel claw tool works for most puppies and is best suited for less experienced, more anxious pet owners whose dogs are familiar with all of the gadget’s buzzes.

This is a rotary tip digital pet nail clipper (it works on batteries): it is versatile and you can cut, trim and shape your pet’s claws. We have tested many versions over time, and most Dremels were safe, powerful, and very easy to use. You don’t have to push hard with this pet clipper and you won’t be afraid of breaking the claw. It works more like a puppy nail file which is fantastic for cutting.

The purchase price of the Dremel pet nail trimmer is a bit more expensive than that of a conventional dog nail trimmer, made of plastic or metal, in the form of pliers or scissors. There is no cord with this one, and it is compatible with a variety of additional Dremel accessories (ideal for dogs with unique claws and thickness). If you are interested, it is also possible to use it. You get a 2 year warranty with these electric dog trimmers.

The Dremel Pet Grooming Kit is one of our favorites, largely because of its ease of use. As a result, there is no stress when trimming the claws. Some dog owners may choose this type of dog nail trimmer, in which case this is your best option.

Professional dog claw sander (updated) by Casfuy

Inspired by the Dremel device and the success of it, Casfuy introduced their own version of a puppy claw sander with a few special features. They quickly gained the attention of pet owners and groomers and became the best seller on Amazon in the “Greatest Dog Nail Clippers” class. Is it really awesome? Yes. Is it as great as Dremel? Yes. Does he have new capacities? Yes.

Unlike Dremel’s, Casfuy’s animal nail sander uses what they call a “Diamond Bit Grinder” which is much less abrasive and more comfortable for trimming our animal’s claws. It is very precise and allows precise shaping of the claw. Apparently even more vets are advocating Casfuy instead of Dremel (unverified).

The tool allows you to switch from low speed to high speed, and is more suitable for large thick claws. In addition, it includes three openings of different sizes, so it can be used for claws of all sizes. Much like Dremel, the updated version is not as loud and many dogs will not be too bothered by the device (unlike using their previous version).

Safari has been producing dog grooming products for quite some time now and they are excellent. They have the hottest product on the market. The Safari Pet Nail Trimmer is also popular with our editor; he selected it as one of the top picks for dogs in many previous comparisons.

This is a very simple, traditional style dog nail clipper designed specifically for ease of use, but is often considered a professional nail clipping tool. If you choose to go for a classic pet nail trimmer then Safari is the best option as it is quite easy to figure out how to reduce dog claws using this dog nail trimmer.

The reason many pet owners favor the Safari Nail Trimmer is its low cost, as well as the simple fact that you can use the Safari Nail Trimmer for large dogs or medium dogs. Plus, these Safari dog nail trimmers are extremely sharp and get the job done just as quickly as many other pet nail trimmers. Guess that is the main reason they are among the top selling pet nail trimmers on Amazon.

Professional Pet Nail Clippers by Epica

Here is the fourth place among our best nail clippers for dogs. The only reason Epica’s pet nail trimmer gets a fourth position behind Safari’s is its cost. These two best pet nail clippers are incredibly similar, but Epica’s pet nail clippers cost a bit more.

Epica has created a fantastic series of grooming tools that do a great job on your pet’s claws. This pet nail cutter is quite simple to use and the handle is comfortable to hold. Its design works great for medium to large puppies and is not suitable for small dogs. These dog nail trimmers are sharp enough to cut anything, so be careful when working with Epica.

These dog clippers are also very popular and have been among the top selling pet trimmers available on Amazon for over a year now, with a massive selection of favorable reviews from other groomers. The company also has a 100% money back guarantee, so if you don’t like it, you’ll be entitled to a full refund.

Just Pets Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clippers

Then this dog nail trimmer created in a conventional style like Epica and Safari above. Here is a dog nail clipper for specialist ones such as groomers. Just Pets has developed a large customer base and produced quality dog ​​grooming supplies for many years.

An individual might say that this dog nail trimmer approaches expert grade, but the reality is that the tools from Epica and Safari (even Dremel’s) are just as good at trimming dog claws, despite the fact that they are not advertised as specialty pet nail clippers.

I think due to the title this dog nail trimmer is priced higher than the previous one or other best pet nail trimmers so it should be to the liking of many dog ​​owners. I suggest browsing the testimonials to get a better idea.

Millers Forge doesn’t seem to care about the looks and fashionable design when it comes to how powerful their dog clippers are, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. The handle is not too comfortable and your hands can get tired quite quickly when using these dog trimmers.

This is undoubtedly a sturdy grooming tool, and several other pet owners have said the exact same thing in their reviews about these eight best pet nail clippers from Millers Forge: They are robust, durable but not the most ergonomic. They are somewhat basic and moderately priced considering the very long lifespan.

Here is a product from a renowned company, Andis. They are extremely famous for creating some of the best dog grooming products, and have also recently joined the dog nail clippers category.

Again, when it comes to choosing from traditionally made pet nail clippers, most of these “great” choices are incredibly similar. So the top five choices for ideal pet nail clippers are actually almost identical, and the decision comes down to cost and personal taste.

As you can see from the review, the Andis pet nail trimmer will do the job without any issues and the procedure for trimming dogs’ claws is exactly the same as when using almost any grooming instrument. (like the Dremel pet nail trimmer, of course). But it looks like this dog nail clipper will probably be best suited for medium sized dogs. I would be wary of using this dog nail trimmer on small dogs.

There is yet another pet nail trimmer from the company we mentioned earlier, Millers Forge. This is a type of nail trimmer with pet pliers, which means it works the exact opposite of scissor trimmers.

All of these nail clippers are affordable and straightforward. If you’re looking to save as much money as possible on your purchase of grooming equipment, these Millers Forge pet nail clippers would be your best option. At around $ 6, you won’t find anything cheaper or more reliable.

The other pet owners don’t seem to be complaining. These dog claw trimmers are surely durable if used with small dogs, but their grip is not very comfortable when trimming the claws, even with medium sized puppies. In addition, they are not recommended for large dogs as they will not have the ability to cut their claws.

Cup -griffes and pet clippers by Gonicc

Among the last options, there remains one product from Gonicc that we appreciated. Many pet owners have asked us to try this nail trimmer, and although we couldn’t find anything special, the high quality and ergonomics are there, so we had to include it in the list .

The cost of this pet clipper is not much higher than others on this list. The thing with these tailors is that they have a handle and they are really fantastic. I like their style, their idea and their design.

Made by a professional groomer (maybe not a vet), it seems the group behind these Gonicc tools knew precisely what they were doing.

And that completes our list of the ten best nail clippers. So let us know in the comments below if you have any pet nail trimmer recommendations yourself. In the meantime, please watch the videos on How to Safely Trim Dogs Claws, as well as other tips on trimming dog claws.

Trim-Pet Professional Nail Clippers

Last on our list is another set of dog trimmers from Trim-Pet that were made according to customers’ suggestions. They are very similar to the previously mentioned choices in terms of quality and appearance. However, they are cheaper than some other fashion tailors.

Just to avoid repeating myself over and over again, this pet nail trimmer is similar to the classic type of nail trimmer. This is a nail cutter made of high quality materials, but less expensive choices are available.

For this reason, it is important to know that the number of testimonials is not that large compared to, for example, the nail clippers from Epica or Safari.

If you are very interested in reviewing this particular dog nail trimmer, my suggestion would be to see the manufacturer’s site where many tips are offered, and some reasons why these nail trimmers may be the best. on the market, even with an additional value of 5 to 15 €. The company provides many helpful tips for trimming dog claws.

How to use these best dog nail clippers?

It is very important to use the techniques and secrets that professional groomers and veterinarians use in their clinic when preparing to groom your puppy and cut its claws.

Here are 3 things you need to do to cut your pet’s claws:

  1. Make it a regular habit for yourself and your puppy;
  2. Train your puppy to connect the claw trimming with joy;
  3. Don’t rush the process and think about your puppy.

How often should you cut your pet’s nails?

As the dog specialists in their pet publications indicate, it depends.

As a general rule, once a month could be a great one. The more you do, the faster you can figure out your dog’s claw growth routines and how to trim them.

When the dog is standing, the animal’s claws should not reach the ground.

Use treats to train your puppy

To make your claw trimming procedure great, you’ll need to reward it with some dog treats or some pet food (whatever your puppy prefers). Remember to congratulate your pet after a successful grooming procedure.

Reward him after starting with healthy snacks, pretty much for every claw cut. A signature, a treat. This way your pet will begin to enjoy the procedure.

Make it a gradual transition with a careful procedure

Your Fido won’t like this process at first, so don’t expect to use your pet nail clippers right away to give your pet a pedicure. Don’t hurry. Approach your four-way friend slowly; do not squeeze it and do not speak. Instead, try to calm the dog if he flinches. Use treats.

The aforementioned list of dog nail clippers for maintaining your pet’s nails also allows you to have a good pet grooming session, and to make the best choice for your dog grooming instrument.


✅ Is it better to file or cut dogs’ nails?

A file can give a softer finish to the nail than a nail trimmer and works well on thick nails. When working with dogs that have black claws there is less chance of hitting the nerve because owners feel they have more control in the trimming process. Do dogs long claws hurt them? According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), long claws can be uncomfortable, even painful, for a dog. The long claws can penetrate the soft tissues of the paw and cause discomfort when walking, standing or running.

✅ How often should I cut my dog’s nails?

1-2 months On average, most dogs will need to have their nails clipped every 1-2 months. You can also say that your dog’s nails need to be cut if they make noise on the ground when your dog is walking.

✅ How can I cut my dog’s nails without hurting him?

The insensitive nail will appear as a chalky ring around the sensitive nerve. Keep the clipper blades almost parallel to the claw – never cut horizontally at the claw. Do not squeeze your fingers – it hurts! Use your fingers to separate the dog’s fingers to cut and gently hold the paw.

✅ Why do dogs hate having their nails cut?

Pain is the number one reason dogs hate nail clippers. If your dog has ever been cut too close even once, he will remember it. Nature provides pain as protection and if something hurts an animal must learn to avoid it, and even fight it. It’s a survival instinct.

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