dog diseases

Constipation in dogs

“Constipation” is defined as infrequent and difficult passing of dry, hard stools. It can evolve into “obstipation”, when the animal is unable to eliminate too hard … Read more

Toxins in dogs

There are many circumstances in which a dog can ingest toxic elements. These elements can be found in nature or even within the environment of … Read more

Ear mites in dogs

Ear mites is one of the most common causes of otitis externa in our domestic carnivores. Without seriousness, it can nevertheless lead, if not treated, … Read more

Burns in dogs

Dogs, like humans, can be prone to burns. They are most often caused by a heat source, but not only. Chemicals, electric current, cold, radiation … Read more

Mastocytoma in dogs

Mastocytoma is a malignant tumor, usually cutaneous or subcutaneous, caused by the proliferation of certain types of cells of the immune system, present in the … Read more