Hunting Vests for Dogs

How to choose and put on a protective vest for your hunting dog

You are passionate about hunting and you love to take your dog with you. Good idea, because dogs are ideal hunting partners. Hunting Vests for Dogs are the best for hunting.

However, before you take your puppy with you, make sure he is secure and comfortable. Below, I’ll explain what a dog hunting vest is for, what features to consider when buying one, and we’ll take a look at a few.

What is a dog hunting vest and when do you need it

Dog hunting vests are vests that come in different styles. While on a hunting trip with your dog, no matter the situation, he needs a vest for a number of reasons.

Protection against injuries

Hunting dogs must operate through dangerous and dense vegetation, encountering things like poison ivy. This can lead to abrasions and cuts. A dog hunting vest can protect your pet’s abdomen or chest.

These vests can incorporate some kind of durable plastic material inside to protect your dog.

Visibility aid

You need to know where your dog is and also make sure he is clearly visible at all times when you are hunting. Otherwise, your dog could be accidentally shot. While GPS dog collars are great for hunting, one way to make your dog more visible in the woods or tall grass is to use a reflective vest.

These vests are bright and green, orange or some other color. These items are great for always seeing dogs, and they work for both daytime, sunset, sunrise, and nighttime hunting.

To stay warm

Keeping your dog warm in cold weather is essential. And while almost all hunting dogs have a thick coating that is perfect for low temperatures, a number of them might need a little help keeping warm in the fall and winter, especially retrievers working with the waterfowl because they have to jump in cold water several times during the day.

Accessories for hunting dogs are manufactured for this function. They are usually made from neoprene, as this substance can continue to keep your pet warm even if they are wet. On the other hand, hunting vests for dogs that are meant to be used on the ground and in a dry state are often made from synthetic materials or even wool .

What criteria are important in determining the best dog hunting vest?

When it comes to efficiency, durability, comfort, and attributes, vests vary. Keep this in mind, as there are several aspects to consider when making your purchasing decision.

1. Size and fit

For starters, you’ll want to have a gilet that fits your pooch. When wearing it, your dog should feel comfortable without having trouble maneuvering while hunting. Here is a guide on the best way to measure your dog.

Along with that, start looking for dog hunting vests with elastic straps . They consist of plastic straps that allow you to adjust the vest to fit your pet.

2. Materials

Among the most important things are the materials. It is essential that you make sure that your pet is well protected from any danger and that you select high quality materials.

The most typical quality materials include neoprene , canvas, and heavy nylon . Avoid the soft, thin materials that can tear that are found in inexpensive vests.

3. Additional criteria

The pet vest you purchase should have built-in access for your dog’s leash or collar.

If your puppy is trained to retrieve waterfowl, choose dog hunting vests that are made of a waterproof material that will keep the animal warm if it gets wet. Also, you will find some great dog hunting vests that can improve your pet’s buoyancy (like a life jacket) because they have a flotation aid.

Colors and layout matter. For example, depending on the type of dog vest you are looking for and its purpose, you can either select camouflage vests to help keep your dog hidden from the victim, or choose reflective vests that keep your dog visible. (for you) in low light conditions.

4. Profitability

Depending on the type of additional attributes of your dog hunting vest, the purchase price may vary. You want to take that into account, even if it’s not the most important aspect.

The best choices of hunting vests for dogs

Browning Camo Neoprene Dog Vests

This Neoprene Dog Hunting Vest is created by a trusted and well-known manufacturer Browning is among the top brands for dogs which is a guarantee of the quality of their product. The vest is made of neoprene fabric and you can choose the thickness between 5 millimeters or even 3 millimeters. The vest is flexible and can fit multiple dog breeds thanks to the Velcro straps and construction.

It is possible to find this hunting dog vest in three different color patterns and five different sizes. Thus, it is possible to find the right pattern to keep your puppy camouflaged and coordinate with the habitat. The vest also includes a chest plate for protection and a handle so your dog can be controlled by you if needed.

I have used the Browning vests and had no issues but noticed a few dog owners complaining that the vest was great when I was looking for reviews on this puppy hunting vest. This vest was reported to have torn after a few uses and dog owners have complained about the seams.

Available in 5 sizes and 3 patterns, adaptive, camouflage aid, contains chest plate, contains back.

Reports of allergic problems, reports of vest torn at the seams

Pet Life Preserver Camo Jacket

Here is something a little different. The Camo Pet Life Puppy Hunting Vest is designed to increase your pet’s buoyancy and keep them safe when entering the water. Some of them are meant to be observable while two of them are camouflage type so it’s made to suit your needs.

This 2nd dog vest comes in five distinct sizes and contains three straps that ensure the vest is held in place to provide proper protection. The vest is made of nylon and polyester to keep the dog comfortable and dry.

This item has built-in connectors so you can put it on and take it off easily. It includes a handle and also a D-ring. Despite many favorable testimonials from other hunters, a few dog owners have complained about the size chart and said the vest is too small (this can be a common problem with dogs. dog clothes).

Inexpensive, available in 5 sizes and 3 patterns, reflective / camouflage, includes rear handle, easy leash accessibility

Some stories of allergic problems, some stories of parts that break

Hunting Vests for Dogs

Avery Boater’s Dog Parka

The Avery Boater Dog Hunting Vest comes in five different color designs and in separate sizes. This means it helps with camouflage and is suitable for all dog breeds. It is especially ideal for dogs who collect game because after swimming in cold water it can keep your pet warm and dry.

Our third hunting dog vest is also durable and includes handles so you can control your pet.

Although I have had a favorable experience with this dog vest, I want to point out that it is not popular among hunters. Also, after reading the online reviews of the brand’s dog hunting vests, I have found that some say that the vest provided is one size larger than shown in the size chart (again, as I mentioned this is a very common problem with dog clothing that is not limited to this new brand or dog hunting vests in general). Most consumers were delighted with the size.

Available in multiple sizes and color patterns, durable, water resistant, powerful zipper, camouflage aid, easy leash access

Some reviews, some stories of allergic problems

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SafetyPUP XD Reflective Dog Vest

If you are interested in finding a dog vest in different colors, here is another reasonably priced, excellent quality selection. It does what it needs to do, although your pet won’t be as trendy as with one of these dog vests. This vest can be found in 5 colors, as well as 5 separate sizes to ensure a correct match for any breed of dog.

This dog vest is made of an Oxford Weave fabric. Unlike a number of other reflective vests, this fabric is durable and tear resistant (although not as durable as the three best dog hunting vests I’ve mentioned), which makes it practical. for demanding terrains. This vest contains a velcro waist strap to ensure the vest stays in place.

Note that some have reported sizing issues, and the edge stitching is not that durable.

Very inexpensive, available in 5 unique sizes and colors, reflective and adjustable straps, durable, easy to clean

Some stories of allergic problems, some problems with seams that tear at the edges

Mendota Products Skid Plate

It is a comfortable and durable dog vest, created from nylon. It comes in four distinct sizes because it is meant to be reflective and visible.

This dog vest is made of buckles so you can put it on or take it off easily. It has tie-downs so you can ensure that the vest areas stay in place on the torso and conform to your pet’s body.

I have read reviews of these hunting vests and a few people have reported that the material feels a bit rough, although we didn’t have a problem with that and shouldn’t have a problem with your dog. There have been a few reports of sizing issues, particularly with the width. People must measure before buying!

Inexpensive, available in 4 sizes, reflective, adaptive, breathable, lightweight, contains a chest plate, water resistant

Available only in 1 color, reports of allergic problems, may not be wide enough, material a little rough

Petflect Reflective Dog Vest

In the end, while I didn’t necessarily call this type of vest a “hunting vest,” the brand seems to market it as such. The Petflect dog hunting vest is not available in several sizes, so it is not suitable for large breeds. This article aims to keep your dog visible at all times, at distances of up to 500 feet.

This hunting dog vest is made of lightweight nylon fabric. It doesn’t provide as much protection from thorns as other vests (which are even more expensive) because it doesn’t have a chest plate, so it’s better suited to terrain with less vegetation.

The vest can be adjusted. A few pet owners have reported issues however, for example some users have reported that the Velcro straps come loose.

Cheap, reflective, adaptive, breathable, lightweight

Available only in 2 sizes and one color, not suitable for rough terrain, reports of allergic problems, Velcro straps do not work

In summary

If you are taking your puppy out hunting, you need to make sure that he is comfortable and secure. Hound vests are good for this. This list offers you a number of brands that are popular with hunters, but be sure to do your research before purchasing one.