Why Doesn’t My Pomeranian Like To Cuddle

9 reasons why not all Pomeranians are fond of cuddling

#1: A weak connection between the Pomeranian and its owner

It is observed in adult dogs and puppies. It is easily identified if the Pom is:

  • Has no or little interest in playing.
  • It doesn’t show up when you call or respond to instructions.
  • Do not look directly at yourself.
  • Don’t allow him to touch or hug him.
  • Don’t let your lap fall on you.
  • It tries to run away when he is caught.
  • Displays aggression through showing teeth, or grunting.

# 2: A Pomeranian likes his privacy, but does not want physical proximity

The truth is that dogs are people just as humans are.

Even though you may expect certain traits of Pomeranian dogs Pomeranian breed, keep in mind that there may be some exceptions every now and every now and.

If you’re on the sofa with your Pom however he’s on the other side but still very near to you. Maybe that’s where the Pom feels at ease and the idea of getting closer might be too much for him at the moment.

#3: Your pomeranian may be nervous when you try to snuggle him.

Your Pom may feel a little restricted when you attempt to snuggle with him.

Pomeranians like to roam freely and are also able to defend your. However, if you’re trying encourage him to snuggle and cuddle, he’s not in the position to do any of these.

This could cause anxiety.

If you see your pet moving his head in the opposite direction to yours, or licking his lips or crying It could be an indication that he’s utilizing gentle signals to ease the anxiety levels. It is better not to continue cuddling him after that.

#4: Your pet has a distinct personality, and cuddling may not be his thing.

This may be a feature of their character.

It is possible that they may being going through a phase that will fade away. Also, it depends on whether they were taught that the Pom has been taught how to cuddle when an infant.

Certain Poms have a strong opinion on the subject and won’t allow you to go any further than touching their backs. They’ll get away whenever you attempt to go further.

#5: You’re getting too rough when cuddling

Pomeranians aren’t just small, but they are also extremely delicate. They have bones that are fragile.

If you’re having too much fun or cuddling your dog too much, he may not enjoy it. Instead of cuddling, you can try stroke your Pom and offering him belly rubs.

Let the Pomeranian be your pet and do not overpower him by getting too excited about it.

If your Pom would like to leave Let him go. This will reduce the chance of your Pom becoming anxious around you.

Additionally, you’ll have better chances of him wanting to play and cuddle. Don’t hesitate to indulge him with treats, toys or even a confident and calm voice when calling him.

Why Doesn't My Pomeranian Like To Cuddle

#6: Your pomeranian isn’t a fan of being interrupted while eating, playing, or even sleeping.

What can you do? You can try an alternate time and location to snuggle. Another option is to take your dog to walk him, so that you can let him go to the bathroom and empty his stomach. You will feel better and perhaps enticed to snuggle.

Another method to keep a relaxed and peaceful Pom who is likely to be looking for cuddles and cuddles, is to spend a lot of time playing prior to that. Take your Pom to a long stroll.

7. Your dog is sick or suffering from an stomachache. If you snuggle him, you press his stomach

If you feel that your Pom is uneasy or uncomfortable in some way, they’ll signal that in front of you with a pull away from him when you attempt to hug him. This is a courteous method of saying “No, not right this moment.’

The tummy pain could be the result of playing too hard or too hot in the sun. If it continues for an entire day and you’re experiencing strange behavior from your Pom or a dog, a visit to the vet would not hurt.

8: Pomeranians are territorial, and can consider a member of the family to be their most important friend.

Most families have the primary caregiver. Due to the amount of time spent with the Pomeranian will begin to become fond of him. If it’s not you, but you’re trying win your attention from the Pomeranian away from the caregiver the Pom may become cautious.

This is as Pomeranians are territorial, and when they are requesting attention from the primary caregiver they think you’re out of the way.

Don’t be shocked if you are met with a growl that is a warning.

9: Pomeranians tend to be less cuddly when it comes to children.

Toddlers fall off balance quite often, which makes Pomeranians feel frightened since they could fall onto them.

It is worth thinking carefully if there are children at home.

If an Pomeranian is scared they may nip and growl. To protect both children and Pomeranians It isn’t advisable to keep them in the same area.

#BONUS This is your Pom is too hyper to snuggle

Okay If your Pom does not want to cuddle right now this doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the idea generally.

Pet parents have told me how their Pomeranian puppy doesn’t like cuddling with them. They’ve also told me that their puppy is prone to playing or even sleep.

It doesn’t mean that the puppy won’t develop into the cuddle bug in the future. However, puppies must be accustomed to their new surroundings first. Then they must bond with their owners.

Last but not least you must be tired in order to cuddle and lie down.

Can I teach my dog to snuggle and relax?

The best part is that you can teach your Pomeranian to snuggle!

A reminder to dogs and humans tend to repeat actions with the potential for positive outcomes or get rewarding.

We feel content in actions like eating, drinking, and cuddling! This is why when we wish for our Pom to behave in a certain way then we must be sure to reinforce the behavior whenever it’s present. It’s likely that it’ll be repeated.

If your pet dog comes near you, you could reward him with some of his favorite treats. For instance, when you have him on your lap.

When your Pom isn’t in your lap, draw him in by offering a couple of delicious snacks. Once you’ve found him be sure to pamper him.

The easiest method to help him get used to that, even if he’s not yet willingly climbing on your lap is to lie down at the bottom of the room and hand treats. Don’t forget to offer some belly rubs to reward him.

The purpose of this exercise is to reduce the amount of treats you feed your dog in the future , as your Pomeranian will begin to have positive associations with the event.

Also, don’t forget to add some fun dog training games onto the list of things to do. This combination will help improve the bond with your Pomeranian.

Make sure you avoid this mistake

If you’re just beginning to learn about Pomeranians and you’re extremely excited to be the first to have one at your home. That’s understandable.

You’re likely eager to show him off to your family and friends. Enjoy yourself and your dog with you.


It’s important to be aware. While your friends might be the most pleasant people on Earth Your dog isn’t aware of them. It’s not like you.

If someone makes a unassuming, but abrupt attempt to embrace your Pom the situation could turn uncomfortable. It’s your Pom this is.

He may become stressed. As a result the person may avoid being hugged and held. This is because he was to be a victim.

Even though it sounds like something minor however, it could be profound effects on the Pom puppy. In the early years of puppyhood, the puppy will begin to form his own perception to the outside world.

You don’t want him believe of the universe as a frightening area. There’s always someone that could take him by the behind and carry him into the air with no warning.

Yes you’re friends have a good heart. However, they’re not distant from your Pom.

Imagine that I introduce you one of my friends. After a few minutes, after you’ve had a conversation, they offer to hold you close and hug you tight. It’s too much to absorb It’s not it?

In the future, expressions of affection might be appropriate. However, it’s… when the two parties have become comfortable with one the other.

Six reasons why owners should snuggle with their Pomeranian

#1 It strengthens the bond that you share with your Pomeranian

Dogs and humans are alike in the sense that each have a need for physical contact.

When you cuddle, your brain releases the “love hormone oxytocin, which is released by both the pet and you. Pom. It builds trust, empathy towards one another and creates stronger bonds between you two

#2: Improves your physical health

Cuddling your Pom can help lower the heart rate, and also lowers blood pressure.

#3 3. Your Pom requires it to feel secure and loved

Dogs are pack animals , which is why they are able to connect with their companions. Affectionately interacting with your pet regularly can help them grow.

A lack of affection from your side towards your Pom could lead to the taking your Pom away from your. They may also be prone to be inactive and change their eating habits.

4. Cuddling reduces depression, anxiety and stress

As we cuddle, we let out serotonin and dopamine. This helps us feel more content and relieves depression.

Smoking your Pomeranian is a fantastic option to reduce anxiety. This is due to the fact that Pomeranians can help us concentrate on the present and avoid getting too much into our minds.

#5: Reduce the possibility of having stroke

It’s crucial to know when to take a breather from your hectic daily routine to take a breather and relax. This will reduce the chance of having stroke.

What makes it even more is cuddling your pet dog. The same is true for cuddling with anyone else you like. But remember, your Pomeranian will always be there to help you.

6. It’s the most effective method to begin and end your day.

Even just 10 minutes each day in the morning and in the evening can have an enormous impact on your attitude.

There’s nothing more relaxing than cuddling with your beloved Pomeranian before heading to work. It helps you get ready to tackle the day.

It’s also incredible how easy it is for us to release events during the day that may have been a bit less than ideal.

Luckily you’ve got an in-home therapist. Snuggling is often compared to meditation in a way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Pomeranian to cuddle?

The same can be said when it comes to cuddling! Cuddling creates Pomeranians happy however there is no harm in owners promoting this feeling of happiness by providing a small treat to their pet while or following cuddling! Give your pet a treat on your lap to entice the pet to stay there.

Is it normal for my dog to not want to cuddle?

Be aware of your puppy’s baseline. Some dogs aren’t loving however when your dog was affectionate but suddenly hasn’t, it’s a sign that something might be off. Any drastic change in the behavior of your pet could warrant a visit to the vet for a check-up to make sure there are no other problems, like an injury or illness.

Why does my dog not wanna cuddle with me?

The primary reason that dogs are not fond of cuddles or hugging is that they’re physical communication devices which means that when they hug or embrace them, it impedes their ability to communicate effectively. They are uncomfortable and feel vulnerable when their communication channels are impeded by cuddling.

Do Pomeranians only bond with one person?

They’re lively and active small dogs that are affectionate to their families, however, they generally bond with only one individual. Pomeranians like being petted by their dear pet, but it is important to give them the chance to become real dogs.